Marvel Comics Presents (1988) 39-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Jan 01 1990
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Marvel Comics Presents (1988) 39-A by Marvel
Marvel Comics Presents (1988) 39-A by Marvel


Cover Price:$1.25
Publish Date:JAN 01 1990
Caption:Wraparound Cover
Content:CCA Approved


Item Biography

Wolverine in "Black Shadow! White Shadow!, Chapter 2: The Shadows Strike!"
By Marv Wolfman and John Buscema.

*Wolverine has traveled to Hong Kong to discover the cause of a friend's death. Once there he hears amazed shouts that lead to a Hong Kong street that had been vaporized by something unknown. Wolverine investigates as thieves and scavengers attack. He stops their rampage just in time for the police to turn on him. *Source: inside cover

Wonder Man in "Stardust Miseries, Part 2: Tonight's the Night"
By Michael Higgins and Javier Saltares.

*Wonder Man is on his own... or is he? What happens when an ex-Avenger meets the woman of his dreams, or is she the woman of his nightmares? *Source: inside cover

Hercules, Prince of Power in "All In the Family, Part 1: Mother's Day"
By Bob Layton.

*In the far future the exiled Prince of Power has found his only prodigy, Arimathes. The son of Hercules has risen to power, becoming ruler of the Andromeda Galaxy. The Lion of Olympus, with his companions, Skippy, the skrull, and the Rigellian Recorder, now act as advisors to the young emperor. The emperor's mother, Layana, who tried to poison Arimathes against his father asn use his might for her ownevil ambitions, has now been exiled to a forgotten wing of the Royal Palace. However, Layana's hatred for Hercules will not allow her to except exile graciously -- this day she will rule the galaxy once again. *Source: inside cover

Spider-Man in "With Liberty and Justice For All?"
By Bill Mumy and Aaron Lopresti.

*During a high school science experiment, student Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider. Endowing him with super spider-like abilities. In the guise of Spider-Man he has sworn to do his best to protect the rights of the defenseless and to uphold the law. Sometimes there's a conflict between the two. *Source: inside cover


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