Hellboy: Seed of Destruction 4-A

Comic Book by Dark Horse, Jun 01 1994
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Hellboy: Seed of Destruction 4-A by Dark Horse
Hellboy: Seed of Destruction 4-A by Dark Horse


Cover Price:$2.50
Publish Date:JUN 01 1994


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"Seed of Destruction, Part 4 of 4"

*In a chamber deep below Cavendish Hall, Rasputin channels his mystic energy, combined with those of the unwilling Liz Sherman, through Sadu-Hem to break the prison of the Seven Beasts of Ogdru-Jahad. Things look bleak, but Abe, animated by the ghost of Elihu Cavendish, harpoons Rasputin, and the ceremony goes down in fiery ruin. Hellboy hangs back to make sure that Rasputin meets his end, but there is some doubt about Rasputin's ultimate demise. *Source: Warlock

**Hellboy's first adventure reaches its chilling climax far beneath the tumbling walls of the Cavendish mansion, where Hellboy battles the grasping fingers of a giant bony hand as the world lurches toward its horrific end through the unholy sacrifice of Hellboy's pal Liz Sherman. Hellboy's ichthyoid companion could save the day, but Max Sapien is... gone. Ghosts, tentacles, fire, brimstone, paralysis, massive destruction -- it's all here! **Source: darkhorse.com

Issue number 4 in the comprehensive numbering of the Hellboy series.

Continues in Hellboy: The Wolves of St. August (originally published in Dark Horse Presents (1986) #88-91).

"Who Are Monkeyman & O'Brien? Part 4 of 4"

*Ann continues growing to the size of an Amazon. Monkeyman seeks to return to his home dimension, but is distraught over his missing beacon device that points to his home dimension. Ann helps him rebuild the teleporter, but without a homing beacon, is there hope of finding his home? Meanwhile, the Shrewmanoid starts an all-out invasion of the surface world. *Source: Warlock

**Also featuring the final chapter in the mind-boggling origin of Monkeyman and O'Brien, where O'Brien finds herself amazingly changed, setting the stage for the Monkeyman & O'Brien miniseries this fall. **Source: darkhorse.com

First appearance of the Shrewmaniod.

Continues in Monkeyman and O'Brien #1.


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