Alien Worlds (1982) 7-A

Comic Book by Pacific Comics, Apr 01 1984
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Alien Worlds (1982) 7-A by Pacific Comics
Alien Worlds (1982) 7-A by Pacific Comics


Cover Price:$1.50
Publish Date:APR 01 1984
Content:Mature Readers


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"The Small World of Lewis Stillman"
In a post-invasion world, survivors from the alien attack scavenge for supplies. A man and woman, long solo, finally unite to help each other, and when they come upon a pair of children, their instinct is to protect them, but the situation is not what it seems, and it is they that need protection from the children. 10 pages.

"Small Change"
A boy plays with a frisbee on a playground, pathetically trying to throw it until he is ridiculed by older kids. He challenges them to a bet that he can hit a far-off target. When the older kids accept, he throws flawlessly. When the other kids depart, he must split the take with the alien operator of the flying disk. 2 pages.

"It All Fits"
In the research center on the frozen planet of Terra 4, the replacement team of scientists find the original team have all died, all left as skeletons within their fur parkas. The killer has left no other traces, and the scientists are pressed for time to find the culprit before it gets them. 8 pages.

"Ride the Blue Bus"
The nuclear age has contaminated life as far as one can see, and cancer is an eventuality for everyone. Everyone except Toby. He has hopes for a better tomorrow that aren't shared by his family and peers. One of his hopes is that the mysterious Blue Bus which goes past his house every day will pick him up one day and take him away from all the pain. 6 pages.


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