Imagine 3-A

Comic Book by Star Reach Productions, Aug 01 1978
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Imagine 3-A by Star Reach Productions
Imagine 3-A by Star Reach Productions


Cover Price:$1.50
Publish Date:AUG 01 1978

Item Biography

"The Spider Thread"
A sinner in the depths of Hell finds a spider thread, and attempts to climb out, but attracts the attention of others, and soon the line is full to breaking. 4 pgs b&w.

"Songs...To Aging Children Come"
Two hippies, intent to save a park slated for demolition, perform a ritual and end up invoking South American shamen Don Pescalito and Skywalker. 10 pgs b&w.

A homage to Moebius. 2 pgs b&w.

"The Avatar and the Chimera, Part 2 of 2"
The Avatar rescues the Chimera, but finds his acts of violence on her behalf have horrified her. 8 pgs color.

"Nebula, Chapter 1: Gavin's Ring"
A rich King Albonitus is surrounded by fools and hangers-on, and lives in fear of Nebula, her daughter Crescent, and her cat Incubus. The trio invade the castle looking for Nebula's son, who has been kidnapped. 11 pgs b&w.

"Fear of Death"
A man's obsession with the grim reaper. 2 pgs b&w.

"Vignette: A Soft and Gentle Rain"
Two bugs meet and find harmony on a rainy day.


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