Grimm Fairy Tales 36-C

Comic Book by Zenescope Entertainment, Feb 01 2009
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Grimm Fairy Tales 36-C by Zenescope Entertainment
Grimm Fairy Tales 36-C by Zenescope Entertainment


Cover Price:$.00
Publish Date:FEB 01 2009
Sale Date:FEB 27 2009
Caption:WonderCon Cover 1/500

Item Biography

"The Ugly Duckling, Part 2"

*He couldn't have her as his own, so he killed her. In fact he killed many of "her." Over and over and over, the swan killer has struck and he cannot be stopped. The events were set in motion years ago by Belinda and now the killer she helped create is loose and on the prowl. While stalking a new beautiful woman from afar, we learn of his past which will lead up to his next victim's murder. She must die and he knows that he cannot stop himself... but maybe something else can.

Do not miss this incredible sequel to the Ugly Duckling which provides the ultimate surprise ending you never saw coming! *Source:


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