Digital Webbing Presents 7-A

Comic Book by Digital Webbing, Feb 01 2003
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Digital Webbing Presents 7-A by Digital Webbing
Digital Webbing Presents 7-A by Digital Webbing


Cover Price:$2.95
Publish Date:FEB 01 2003
Sale Date:FEB 12 2003


Story Arcs

Item Biography

"Yin Yang"

"The Lost Squad: Uberjaeger"

"Amandara: Persephone"

"F. Stein: How Legends Begin"

"Tommi Trek: Voodoo Island!"

"Shades of Blue: Flashback"

"Blammo the Space Monkey: Give Credit Where It's Due"

"Ben and Franklin: One Blind Date"

*The team from the indy comic SHADES OF BLUE adds their own special charm to the pages of Digital Webbing Presents. Their star character, Heidi Paige, knows she can find lots of stuff at the mall...but the origins of her powers? And it seems like everybody's looking for something in this issue. THE LOST SQUAD hunts down the Nazi terror known as the Uberjaeger. BLAMMO looks for a reason to do the right thing in a universe full of bloodthirsty robots. In F. STEIN: HOW LEGENDS BEGIN, a new employee discovers more than he ever wanted to know about his boss. Persephone searches for an answer to Hade's proposal when AMANDARA arrives in the underworld. YIN YANG tries to find a way out of her predicament as the guards close in. Cover by Andie Tong and Hi-Fi Color Design. *Source:


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