Amazing Spider-Man (1963) 669-I

Comic Book by Marvel, Nov 01 2011
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Amazing Spider-Man (1963) 669-I by Marvel
Amazing Spider-Man (1963) 669-I by Marvel


Cover Price:$3.99
Publish Date:NOV 01 2011
Sale Date:SEP 14 2011
Caption:Midtown Comics Cover (Signed by Dan Slott) w/COA


Item Biography

"Spider-Island, Part Three: Arachnotopia"

*How can the heroes of NYC hope to contain millions of spider-powered New Yorkers??Also, a dangerous new role for Venom. And... is that a Six-armed Shocker?! All this plus: one of Spider-Island's biggest mysteries revealed!? *Source:

**NOTE: A retailer had to match orders for a previous issue of Amazing Spider-Man, then order 2000 copies of the You’re Spider-Man variant of Amazing Spider-Man #669.

*New York City's famous Midtown Comics offered customers the opportunity to enter their name in a random drawing. Ian Knight won and wound up having himself as well as his three year old son drawn by Nauck.

“Midtown Comics gave all their customers an opportunity to get their likeness on this variant,” Knight says. “The winner was chosen at random, but in order to be included in the drawing you had to pre-order a copy.”

As you might expect, Knight created quite a scene when he got the good news and had to explain himself to his officemates.
“When I heard I had won, I was ecstatic,” Knight recalls. “I actually [cheered] out loud at work so loud I had to explain to everyone what happened and why I got so excited.”

Unlike the others, Knight got the chance to share his cover with another person: His son, who can be seen holding on to his dad's neck while swinging with Spidey.

“My son is three,” Knight says. “He loves Spider-Man and he has seen the picture. He likes to see it because he and Dad get to be with Spider-Man, but I do not think he quite understands that this isn't just a picture for us, but it will be on an actual comic book for others to buy and own themselves. As he gets older I am sure he will appreciate it more, and I hope he continues to enjoy Spider-Man and other super heroes, and not look back and think that dad is a dork. Either way, this has helped create a family heirloom that he will get to own one day.” *Source:


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