Rangers Comics 25-A

Comic Book by Fiction House Magazines, Oct 01 1945
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Rangers Comics 25-A by Fiction House Magazines
Rangers Comics 25-A by Fiction House Magazines


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Publish Date:OCT 01 1945

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"The Unbeatable Twenty" reprinted from Khaki, the Canadian Army Bulletin. 2 pages, text only.

No Title Given featuring Firehair, Queen of the Sagebrush Frontier.
Firehair faces off against Jake Flagg of the J-F Ranch. He wants his neighbors real estate, and is willing to take it by force. 10 pages.

No Title Given featuring Glory Forbes.
Glory hooks a merman in a sport fishing expedition, and she sees more than she is supposed to, and she is pursued by an evil scientist's henchmen. 5 pages.

No Title Given featuring Kazanda, Queen of the Lost Empire.
An expedition to locate the Lost Continent approaches Kazanda's land, and Kazanda tries to warn them of the evil Despot Sylf. 6 pages.

No Title Given featuring The Werewolf Hunter.
A rich beautiful heiress is accused of murder, sentenced to death, yet one poor woman wishes to live in the heiress' shoes, if only for a day. Watch out what you wish for. 5 pages.

No Title Given featuring U.S. Rangers.
Capt. Morgan's band of Rangers camp location is revealed to the enemy by their friend, a dancing girl...or is it? A story of trust and apparent betrayal. 6 pages.


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