Warlord (1976) 132-A

Comic Book by DC, Nov 01 1988
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Warlord (1976) 132-A by DC
Warlord (1976) 132-A by DC


Cover Price:$1.00
Publish Date:NOV 01 1988
Content:CCA Approved



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"The Worm of Heaven and Hell"
*Khnathaiti casts a spell that unleashes Una, the "Worm of Heaven & Hell." Aoife and Morgan are almost killed by it as it emerges from out of the earth. The Worm undulates between the Nine Planes, wrecking havoc wherever it goes. The pair encounter Ishum, herald to Ea - God of all that is or will be. He/it explains that Una is responsible for weaving the universe but that Tiamat, She-Dragon of Chaos, has decreed that Una will come forth one day to undone its work.

Tiamat captures the Horn of Being and Unbeing needed to summon Una and hides it. Apparently, Khnathaiti has counterfeited the horn's unique sound and summoned Una early. Meanwhile, Jennifer tries to find a counterspell but Khnathaiti destroys the one grimoire that could defeat her.

Also, Tara's soul, currently owned by Khnathaiti, visits Morgan to warn him of Khnathaiti's plan. But the evil witch casts Tara away and sells the soul to an extra-dimensional tradesman. The trader sells Tara to the godling Yk'kphat, who strings Tara up within his necklace of pearls. The issue ends with Morgan, Ishum and Aoife flying after Una. They encounter Ningal the All-seeing whose seeds will bring new evil into the world. Morgan distracts the creature while Ishum casts a spell that puts it to sleep. And that's it. They fly off into the next (last) issue.* Source: Fanzing.com


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