Marvel Comics 1-A

Comic Book by Timely, Nov 01 1939
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Marvel Comics 1-A by Timely
Marvel Comics 1-A by Timely


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Publish Date:NOV 01 1939


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"Now I'll Tell One"
1 page, black & white.

"The Human Torch"
Professor Phineas Horton creates a synthetic man, or android, but unexplainably, it bursts into flames in the presence of oxygen. Initially inspiring fear in the public, they demand it be destroyed until the Torch shows his capacity for good. 16 pages.
First appearance of the Golden Age Human Torch.

"The Six Big Men" featuring The Angel.
Corruption has reached into the halls of power, and only the ruthless methods of the Angel are effective in rooting it out, as he marks the six criminal masterminds for death. 8 pages.
First appearance of the Golden Age Angel.

"The Sub-Mariner"
Prince Namor, a half-breed born of a surface-dwelling father, Commander Leonard McKenzie, and royal Atlantean Princess Fen, is raised below the sea in ignorance of the world above until men blunder into his realm. Atlanteans have planned a War of Revenge against the surface world, and now Namor's curiosity is aroused about the World of Man. 12 pages.
Initially created by Bill Everett working for Funnies Inc., a production studio, for an unpublished comic, Motion Picture Funnies Weekly, this was published here instead.
First appearances of Namor, Fen, and Dorma.

"Origin of Masked Raider"
An unscrupulous rancher is attempting to force his competition to sell out and leave the market to him, but rancher Jim Gardley resists, and takes on an alias, that of the Masked Raider, to deal justice. 8 pages.
First appearance of Jim Gardley, the Masked Raider.

"Jungle Terror: A Complete Adventure Story"
A professor has headed into the jungles of Africa in search of a reputed diamond that has hypnotic powers, but has gone missing. Thugs and savages abound. 6 pages.

"Burning Rubber"
2 pages, text with spot illustration.

"Adventures of Ka-Zar The Great"
Young David Rand arrives in the Belgian Congo with his father John, owner of a diamond field, and his mother Constance. Stranded by a plane crash, jungle fever soon claims Constance. David is raised in the ways of the jungle by his father until evil men come for the diamonds, leaving John Rand dead. Ka-Zar goes to live with his friend Zar the lion, and becomes Zar's brother, or Ka-Zar. 12 pages.


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