Devi 10-A

Comic Book by Virgin Comics, Apr 01 2007
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Devi 10-A by Virgin Comics
Devi 10-A by Virgin Comics


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Publish Date:APR 01 2007
Sale Date:APR 25 2007


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*In Sitapur, the Darine and Durapasya wage war for control of the Pashupatinagar slum. But the real battle will be fought tonight below the city, deep under the earth, in an ancient, long-forgotten realm forsaken by the gods it worshipped. There, the artifact known as the Source lies, waiting to change the destinies of gods and men. Many crave the Source's power, and none more so than the fallen god Bala, who, at this moment, stands upon the brink of realizing his dream - to wield the Source in an orgy of destruction and annihilate the hosts of the heavens. he has crushed both friend and foe on his way to his destiny, and now, so near the prize, he will not be denied.

But Bala's part to the Source is not an easy one - Amara Gaelle, archaeologist, bounty hunter and agent of a secret society called the Cabinet of Shadows, is a few steps ahead of this game. And the Devi, created by the gods to put an end to Bala's tyranny, is close on his heals. She has vanquished ever demon that barred her path and almost every doubt that previously assailed both her and her human host, Tara Metha, from within. In every world, in every age, there are nights of reckoning when kingdoms are born, heroes fall and legends made. Tonight is one such night. *Source: Devi #10


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