Spidey Super Stories 21-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Feb 01 1977
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Spidey Super Stories 21-A by Marvel
Spidey Super Stories 21-A by Marvel


Cover Price:$.35
Publish Date:FEB 01 1977
Content:CCA Approved

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"Still More About Doc Ock!"

A one page comic recapping Doctor Octopus' previous appearances in Spidey Super Stories.

"Doc Ock is Back in Town!"

Doctor Octopus robs the box office a the rock concert Peter Parker and Mary Jane are attending. After slipping away to become Spider-Man, Peter runs out of webbing and crashes into the musician's piano, knocking himself unconscious.

"Part 2: Spidey and Doc Ock Together Again for the First Time!"

Suffering from amnesia, Doc Ock convinces Spider-Man that they are partners and Spider-Man helps him steal from J. Jonah Jameson. However, Spidey gets his memory back just in time to capture the Doc.

"The Uninvited"

Spidey's on the trail of an uninvited guest who's been helping himself to other people's food and belongings.

This story is based on a script written by Tom Whedon for the Electric Company TV show.

"The Taming of the Two"

Kraven the Hunter captures both Spider-Man and Tigra to be the stars of his circus.

"Part 2: Night of the Hunter"

Spider-Man and Tigra escape and turn the tables on Kraven.

"The Wit of the Web-Slinger: Spidey Says, 'Stop Me if you've Heard This One!'"

A one page joke comic featuring Spider-Man.


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