Action Comics (1938) 42-A

Comic Book by DC, Nov 01 1941
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Action Comics (1938) 42-A by DC
Action Comics (1938) 42-A by DC


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Publish Date:NOV 01 1941



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An untitled Superman story.
Written by Jerry Siegel, penciled by Leo Nowak.
Superman investigates the disappearances of prominent men in Metropolis. While trying to get information from local mobsters, they are suddenly by a ray out of the blue. Superman soon discovers that the culprit is Luthor who has built a giant city in the sky.
13 pages.

An untitled Vigilante story.
Written by Mort Weisinger, penciled & inked by Mort Meskin.
The origin of the Vigilante.
8 pages.

An untitled Black Pirate story.
Penciled 7 inked by Sheldon Moldoff.
4 pages.

An untitled Three Aces story.
Written by Gardner F. Fox, penciled & inked by Chad Grothkopf.
6 pages.

An untitled Mr. America story.
Written by Ken Fitch, penciled & inked by Bernard Baily.
When Mr. America goes out to investigate a crime, his partner and friend Bob Daley feeling left out creates a costumed identity for himself, The Fatman. He then accidentally stumbles upon the Queen Bee trying to steal radium.
8 pages.

A text story "Missing Masterpiece"
Written by Sidney Drew.
1 page.

A text story "Dead or Alive"
Written by Wilton Weston.
1 page.

An untitled Congo Bill story.
Penciled & inked by Fred Ray.
6 pages.

An untitled Zatara story.
Written by Gardner F. Fox, penciled & inked by Joseph Sulman.
Zatara stops the Tigress and Frosty Parke from robbing a bank. Soon afterwards Frosty develops the power to control peoples minds. Zatara investigates.
9 pages.

Cover art by Fred Ray.


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