Red Sonja (2005) 15-E

Comic Book by Dynamite Entertainment, Jan 01 2006
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Red Sonja (2005) 15-E by Dynamite Entertainment
Red Sonja (2005) 15-E by Dynamite Entertainment


Cover Price:$.00
Publish Date:JAN 01 2006
Sale Date:OCT 18 2006
Caption:Steve McNiven 1:15 Black & White Cover

Item Biography

"The Return of Kulan Gath, Part 4: Born Again"
Red Sonja, Osin, and Suumaro find their way to the resting place of the Old Gods, and succeed in awakening one, Kaleval. He must be convinced of the worthiness of the mission. Sonja battles him, and is bested, but he accepts the request for help. Sonja tells him of her need to recover her sword from her homeland, and he mystically delivers the two of them there, while Osin and Suumaro stay north to muster forces. Sonja, true to her word to never take a man...or god...unless he could best her sword, gives herself to Kaleval. Elsewhere, Borat-Na Fori is brewing up his Generals in some dark pit, seven demons who will lead his armies across the Earth. Kulan Gath watches on from a distant dimension.


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