Amazing World of DC Comics 16-A

Magazine by DC, Dec 01 1977
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Amazing World of DC Comics 16-A by DC
Amazing World of DC Comics 16-A by DC


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Publish Date:DEC 01 1977



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*"Roots of the Golden Age"

Ever wonder what comics were like before the advent of the super-hero? Find out in this article.

"The Freedom Fighters, Quality is their Middle Man"

Uncle Sam, Phantom lady, The Ray, The Black Condor, Doll man and the Human Bomb are all here, as they were during the Golden Age of Comics, in this article which explains why QUALITY is in their middle name.

"In the Beginning...Gold!"

An in-depth look at how the comic book affected the people and the period during the Golden Age.

"That Rough'N ready, Redclad, Rubberband Man..Plastic Man"

Jack Cole's wacky creation gets a delightful run-down on these pages.

"Dating the All-Stars"

How old are the members of the Justice Society today? JSA writer Paul Levitz explains his criteria for dating each member in their current adventures.

"Centerspread, The Justice Society of America"

Virgin cover-art by Joe Staton and Bob Layton.

"The Silver Age of Comics"

A discussion of the period that followed the Golden Age and the return of the super-hero as the leader in the comic book field.

"A Small Meeting of the JSA"

Fan Fred Schneider details his work in building a complete set of models of the Justice Society.

"Speculations on the Spectre"

Chapter Four in the Continuing Guide to Confusing Continuity, dealing with the adventures of the Ghostly Guardian.

"The Legion Outpost"

"Amazing World of Letters"

"Special Feature: The Great Superman Movie Contest"

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