Tales of the TMNT 59-A

Comic Book by Mirage, Jun 01 2009
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Tales of the TMNT 59-A by Mirage
Tales of the TMNT 59-A by Mirage


Cover Price:$3.25
Publish Date:JUN 01 2009
Sale Date:JUN 17 2009


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"Expose" continued from Tales of the TMNT (Vol 2) #56 and continues in Tales of the TMNT (Vol 2) #61.

The Precinct fire and all the events related occured in Tales of the TMNT (Vol 2) #36, which is the first part of this story arc.

*Journalist Lauren Stanton investigates the suspicious circumstances surrounding the early release of notorious criminal Hunter "Hun" Mason from prison and its connection to the mysterious Foot Clan. As Stanton delves deeper into New York City's underworld, she discovers unfathomable evil lurking in the darkness and her only hope of escape might not be entirely human! Creators Tristan Jones and Paul Harmon further explore the seedier side of the Mirage Universe, introducing an insidious new villain and giving readers a fresh look at the Turtles themselves, making this a perfect jumping on point for new readers! *Source: ninjaturtles.com


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