Misplaced@17 1-A

Comic Book by Devil's Due, Dec 01 2004
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Misplaced@17 1-A by Devil's Due
Misplaced@17 1-A by Devil's Due


Cover Price:$4.95
Publish Date:DEC 01 2004
Sale Date:DEC 15 2004
Caption:Josh Blaylock Cover

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*Misplaced is a comic book series staring Alyssa from Realm 77, a hi-tech utopia where those who question authority aren't treated kindly. Even stranger, the only person who does question it is Alyssa. Ostracized from her peers since childhood, and subjected to numerous medical tests by the mysterious Elders, Alyssa grew more and more intolerant of her home. Then came the dreams of another world... of Earth. Alyssa learned about our world through her dreams, but still doesn't get everything quite right.

When the Elders discovered she was developing incredible powers, Alyssa escaped to Earth to live a normal life in a small college town, but wasn't allowed peace for very long. When hunted down by Realm soldiers, Alyssa's powers fully manifested, and she returned to the Realm, bringing down their grip on its people. All she wants to do now is hang out, go to clubs and be normal... but that's not Alyssa's destiny.

Dead@17 is the story of 17 year old Nara Kilday. Nara was brutally murdered, only to be brought back as one of the "Resurrected," those who are marked from birth to be reborn upon death. The Resurrected are given access to great heavenly powers to aid them in the fight against evil. A sinister cult sought to use Nara as a host for their demonic lord, Bolabogg, so that with his help they could remake the world in their image. But Nara proved too powerful for them and sent Bolabogg back to his dimension.

This story takes place after the events of Misplaced #4 and before Dead@17: Blood of Saints. *Source: Misplaced@17 #1


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