Super Street Fighter 1-A

Hard Cover by Udon, Oct 01 2012
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Super Street Fighter 1-A by Udon
Super Street Fighter 1-A by Udon


Cover Price:$34.95
Publish Date:OCT 01 2012
Sale Date:JAN 30 2013
Caption:New Generation


Story Arcs

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"Prologue: The New Age"
By Ken Siu-Chong and Joe Ng.

"Round 1: Rumble at Gouken's"
By Ken Siu-Chong and Jeffrey "Chamba" Cruz.

"Bonus Stage: School in the Summertime"
By Chris Sims and Edwin Huang.

"Bonus Stage: Wrestler Mania!"
By Ken Siu-Chong and Gonzalo Ordonez Arias.

"Bonus Stage: Alex's Sanctuary"
By Ken Siu-Chong and Long Vo.

"Round 2: Alex's Grudge"
By Ken Siu-Chong and Jeffrey "Chamba" Cruz.

"Bonus Stage: Who is Juri?"
By Jim Zub and Omar Dogan.

"Bonus Stage: Target. Dhalsim."
By Ken Siu-Chong and Andres S. Blanco.

"Bonus Stage: "Final Forest Fighter II""
By Jim Zub and Sean Galloway & Table Taffy Studio.

"Round 3: The Mighty Fall"
By Ken Siu-Chong and Jeffrey "Chamba" Cruz.

"Super Street Fighter Vol. 1 Sketch Gallery"

"Super Street Fighter Vol. 1 Bonus Art Gallery"

*Street Fighter returns to comics in an all-new, original, hardcover graphic novel series! Fan favorites like Ryu, Sakura, Ken, and Guile are joined by newcomers Alex, Juri, Dudley, Hakan, and more for all-out excitement and pulse-pounding battles! Super Street Fighter Volume 1 starts the World Warriors on the path to their greatest challenges yet – don’t dare miss it!

The unquestioned king of fighting games, the Street Fighter video game series has sold over 33 million units. 2012 is the 25th Anniversary of Street Fighter, which Capcom is celebrating all year long through exclusive merchandise, contests, and more. This new collection features the fan-demanded cast of Street Fighter III and new characters from Street Fighter IV, along with classic Street Fighter favorites. *Source:


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