Divine Right 5-B

Comic Book by Image, Feb 01 1998
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Divine Right 5-B by Image
Divine Right 5-B by Image


Cover Price:$6.00
Publish Date:FEB 01 1998
Caption:Pacific Comicon Cover


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"Party Crashers"

*The death of International Operations agent Christine Blaze and the revival of Operation Divine Right have come back to haunt John Lynch, former Director of I.O. Unbeknownst to him, Blaze has been "resurrected" by other agents of the Fallen to aid them in their quest to protect Max Faraday - the Chosen One.

Hot on Christie Blaze's trail, Lynch and Caitlin Fairchild arrive at Max's doorstep to offer their assistance to the frazzled teens. A heated confrontation ensues between Agent Blaze and her old friend Lynch, until Max intercedes and reminds them that the situation at present is much more dire than their unresolved problems of the past.

Unfortunately, it seems the forces of the Rath, using the services of a master Coda Assassin, have already abducted Max's love and have hidden her away on a different realm altogether. Now the heroes must find a way to get to her before it is too late... *Source: Divine Right #5


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