Savage Tales (2007) 1-A

Comic Book by Dynamite Entertainment, Jan 01 2007
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Savage Tales (2007) 1-A by Dynamite Entertainment
Savage Tales (2007) 1-A by Dynamite Entertainment


Cover Price:$4.99
Publish Date:JAN 01 2007
Sale Date:APR 04 2007
Caption:Arthur Suydam Standard Cover

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"The Witch's Familiar, Part One"
After visiting a village pub, Sonja comes upon men ready to lynch a woman in the woods. Sonja saves her, and she introduces herself as Cephira. Cephira offers a night of hospitality for Sonja. Cephira reveals herself to be a witch, and drugs Sonja's tea.

"Battle for Atlantis, Part One: Before the Fall"
Atlantis' island city is a wonder to behold, and the envy of the world, but they have been isolated and work to complete a bridge that will rejoin them with the mainland. Their diplomacy is lacking, and the mainlanders are wary of what will come when the bridge is complete.

"Where Walks the Hunter, Part One"
After the apparent death of his god Borat-Na Fori at the hands of Kulan Gath, and his defeat at the hands of Red Sonja, the Hunter is despondent and without purpose. Na Fori speaks to him from beyond the pale, imbues the Hunter with vision, and sends him on the trail of Gath for vengeance.

"The Elder Things that Fell to Earth, Part One"
Two brothers, Kron and Toth, hunt on an island when an alien ship crash lands there. The aliens call to Kron irresistibly and call him to build a burial ground for their dead elder god, C'Thulhu. But C'Thulu is not dead, merely contained on the crashed ship, and his containment grows weak. Worse yet, he has a foothold in the mind of Kron.


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