Tick (1988) 1-A

Comic Book by New England Comics Press (NEC / NECP), Mar 01 1988
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Tick (1988) 1-A by New England Comics Press (NEC / NECP)
Tick (1988) 1-A by New England Comics Press (NEC / NECP)


Cover Price:$1.50
Publish Date:MAR 01 1988
Caption:Special Edition 1/5000

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True first print and first appearance of the Tick in comics (first true appearance in New England Comics Newsletter #14). Interior stamped with serial number.

*The Tick first appeared in the two serially numbered special editions. These comics were sold direct to fans and never distributed through "standard" channels. These super-rare (and valuable!) comics have been reprinted in their entirety in The Tick Reprise Special Edition #1 & 2 (April & July 1996.) [sic] The Reprise issues have the extra outer covers. *Source: The Tick: A Comic Book History, The Tick The Luny Bin Trilogy #0

Meet the Tick! He's nigh-invulnerable and on his way to destiny. Bored in the asylum the Tick breaks out. The city needs him, its protector, its superhero! While stampeding from rooftop to rooftop using his secret crime viewfinder he comes across what he hates most, ninjas. The fight leads the Tick to a familiar diner scene where he blacks out only to awake on the train tracks being saved by the mysterious Caped Wonder. Is the city big enough for two superheros?

**A mysterious blue superhero comes to THE CITY to fight crime and to protect the weak and oppressed. Is he insect or is he man? Only his psychologist knows for sure. This issue marks the first comic book appearance of the Tick, Ninjas, Clark Oppenhiemer, Shing, and the incredible offbeat storytelling of Ben Edlund. **Source: necpress.com

Also includes the one-page parody story "Mack Trail" by Edlund and Polio credited as Ebb Dodd & Jock L. Rod.



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