Night Tribes 1-A

Comic Book by WildStorm, Jul 01 1999
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Night Tribes 1-A by WildStorm
Night Tribes 1-A by WildStorm


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Publish Date:JUL 01 1999
Sale Date:MAY 05 1999


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"A Gathering of Monsters"

Mordor, one of the Lords of Hell, is planning to invade and conquer earth. But there is a prophecy that says the Night Tribes' Chosen will gather together to stop him, just as they did ages ago.

The vampire scholar Erasmus and his rat friend Templeton go to warn the Werewolf Nation, but they are not in time. Pilgrim, who has been living with her people since WetWorks was disbanded, is able to escape with him and teleports the two to go find Dane.

Cardinal Francesco DeMedici starts off to unite the Chosen. His first stop is to find the Lone One. But the demons are soon upon them, and DeMedici is captured. But before being dragged off, his transfers some of his powers to the Lone One and asks him to gather the remaining Chosen.

As soon as Pilgrim and Erasmus find Dane, the demons catch up again. After fighting them off, they find Peligroso of the Chupacabra was one of their captives. Meanwhile, the Lone One finds K'Runk of the Terranods and Shem-Jazza of the Kraken.

Separately, the two groups find their way to Mordor's lair, where he has constructed a gateway built of the living bodies of members of the Night Tribes, with DeMedici as they keystone. After defeating Mordor, Dane is forced to kill DeMedici and all of the others that make up the gateway in order to stop the invading demons.

With the threat abated, the group pledges to fight the demon threat whenever it rises again.


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