Aliens Omnibus 5-A

Graphic Novel / Trade by Dark Horse, Oct 01 2008
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Aliens Omnibus 5-A by Dark Horse
Aliens Omnibus 5-A by Dark Horse


Cover Price:$24.95
Publish Date:OCT 01 2008
Sale Date:NOV 05 2008


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Collects "Aliens: Alchemy" Issues #1-3, "Aliens: Kidnapped" TPB, "Aliens: Cargo" one-shot (from Dark Horse Comics #15-16), "Aliens: Survival" Issues #1-3, a story ("Aliens: Alien") from "Dark Horse Comics" Issues #17-19, "Aliens: Earth Angel" one-shot, a story ("Aliens: Incubation") from "Dark Horse Presents" Issues #101-102, "Aliens: Havoc" Issues #1-2, "Aliens: Lovesick" one-shot, and a story ("Aliens: Lucky") from "Decade of Dark Horse" TPB.

*Living with the Alien has become a fact of life--and death--as mankind expands throughout the galaxy. And no matter how each encounter with the deadly xenomorphs inevitably leads to disaster, man's hubris and greed just as inevitably fuel the desire to try to unlock the secrets of the demonic beasts' biology or bring the creatures under control as tools to build an even more monstrous future.

Dark Horse Comics' critically acclaimed Aliens series set the bar for how the universe of a popular film could be expanded through graphic fiction. Aliens Omnibus Volume 5 collects more of these comics classics, featuring over 350 story pages in full color by some of the finest creators in graphic fiction. *Source:


Arthur "Art" AdamsArtist
Michael "Mike" Dalton "Doc" AllredArtist
Sergio AragonesArtist
Peter "Pete" BaggeArtist
Jerry BinghamArtist
John L. ByrneArtist
Chris ChalenorArtist
Travis CharestArtist
Dave CooperArtist
Richard Corben (aka Gore)Artist
Geofrey "Geof" DarrowArtist
Guy DavisArtist
Dave DormanArtist
Duncan FegredoArtist
Gary FieldsArtist
Richard ForguesArtist
Gary GianniArtist
Jean Giraud (aka Moebius)Artist
Rebecca GuayArtist
Gene HaArtist
Tony HarrisArtist
Matthew "Matt" HollingsworthArtist
Brian HortonArtist
Kelley JonesArtist
Leif JonesArtist
Sean KonotArtist
Igor KordeyArtist
Paul LeeArtist
John Paul "J.P." LeonArtist
David LloydArtist
Francisco Solano LopezArtist
Perry McNameeArtist
Paul MendozaArtist
Tony MillionaireArtist
Jon J. MuthArtist
John NadeauArtist
Joel F. NaprstekArtist
Mark A. NelsonArtist
Kevin "K.C." NowlanArtist
Terry PallotArtist
Sean PhillipsArtist
Kilian PlunkettArtist
Cary PorterArtist
Aidan PotsArtist
John PoundArtist
George PrattArtist
Pamela "Pam" RamboArtist
Ron RandallArtist
Clement "Clem" RobinsArtist
P. Craig RussellArtist
Willie SchubertArtist
James "Jim" SinclairArtist
John K. Snyder IIIArtist
Jay StephensArtist
John StokesArtist
Kellie StromArtist
David "Dave" TaylorArtist
Frank TeranArtist
Derek ThompsonArtist
John TotlebenArtist
Matt WebbArtist
Kent WilliamsArtist
Vickie WilliamsArtist
Bernie WrightsonArtist
Vania ZarouliovArtist
Scott AllieEditor
Philip "Phil" AmaraEditor
Ronnie NoizeEditor
Robert "Bob" SchreckEditor
Randy Stradley (aka Mick Harrison, Welles Hartley)Editor
Dan "D.K." ThorslandEditor
Chris WarnerEditor
John ArcudiWriter
John L. ByrneWriter
Richard ForguesWriter
Thierry GagnonWriter
Justin GreenWriter
Dan JolleyWriter
Ron MarzWriter
Mark SchultzWriter
Randy Stradley (aka Mick Harrison, Welles Hartley)Writer
James VanceWriter
Mark VerheidenWriter
Jim WoodringWriter



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