Spidey Super Stories 19-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Oct 01 1976
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Spidey Super Stories 19-A by Marvel
Spidey Super Stories 19-A by Marvel


Cover Price:$.35
Publish Date:OCT 01 1976
Content:CCA Approved

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"More About Dr. Doom"

A one page summary of Dr. Doom's origin.

"Deadly is the Doctor Called Doom"

The Short Circus wins a talent contest sponsored by Dr. Doom. Their prize is a trip to Latveria. Not willing to trust Doom's good intentions, Spider-Man decides to accompany the kids on the trip.

"Part 2, Dr. Doom Will Strike Again!"

Prisoners of Dr. Doom, Spider-Man and the Short Circus kids must find a way to escape the castle.

"The Silver Surfer"

A one page comic about the Silver Surfer and his powers.

"The Spider Meets the Surfer!"

After diverting a meteor on a collision course with Earth, the Silver Surfer is struck by a fragment of the meteor and sent falling into the Hudson River. Seeing what looks like a meteor, Spider-Man goes to investigate.

"Part 2, The Surfer from the Stars!"

A misunderstanding results in a fight between Spider-Man and the Silver Surfer.

"Spidey Finds the Prankster"

Spider-Man investigates a series of pranks at Public School 8-1/2.

This story is based on a script written by Sara Compton for the Electric Company TV show.


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