Batman: Gotham Underground nn-A

Graphic Novel / Trade by DC, Jan 01 2008
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Batman: Gotham Underground nn-A by DC
Batman: Gotham Underground nn-A by DC


Cover Price:$19.99
Publish Date:JAN 01 2008
Sale Date:NOV 19 2008



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Collects Gotham Underground #1-9.

*Gotham City may be under Batman's protection, but what if the Dark Knight detective wasn't there when his city needed him?

With an underworld power vacuum caused by the death of Black Mask, Gotham's gangs are running riot in the streets. A war is brewing between the masked super-villains and the anti-mask mobsters, led by Tobias Whale and the Penguin who supposedly went legit months ago.

To confront the growing crisis, Bruce Wayne goes undercover as his gangster alter ego, Matches Malone...and ends up incarcerated in Blackgate Prison with a price on his head and no means of escape.

With almost all of Batman's Rogues Gallery caught up in the gang war, it will take Robin, Nightwing, Oracle and the rest of the extended Bat-family to prevent Gotham from falling into utter chaos. If they fail, the next person to wind up underground in Gotham could be Batman himself. *Source: Back Cover


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