Batman (1940) 254-A

Comic Book by DC, Feb 01 1974
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Batman (1940) 254-A by DC
Batman (1940) 254-A by DC


Cover Price:$.50
Publish Date:FEB 01 1974
Sale Date:OCT 23 1973
Content:CCA Approved

Item Biography

"King of the Gotham Jungle"

With Batman having his hands full with a crime wave, Kirk Langstrom looks for a way to help. Once again he uses his serum to become Man-Bat and help Batman even the odds.

"The Witch and the Manuscript of Doom" reprinted from Worlds Best Comics #1

"The Bullet-Hole Club" reprinted from Worlds Finest Comics #50

"The Man Who Stole From Batman" reprinted from Detective Comics #334

"The Phenomenal Memory of Luke Graham"

After Luke Graham receives a blow to the head, he is accused of plagiarizing his thesis paper. Dick Grayson knows this cannot be possible and sets out to help Luke prove his innocence.

"The Son of the Joker!" reprinted from Batman #145

"The Guardian of the Bat-Signal" reprinted from Batman #85

This book also includes several reprint pages and bridge work between stories that are comprised of reprinted material.


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