X-Force: Famous, Mutant & Mortal 1-A

Hard Cover by Marvel, Jan 01 2003
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X-Force: Famous, Mutant & Mortal 1-A by Marvel
X-Force: Famous, Mutant & Mortal 1-A by Marvel


Cover Price:$29.99
Publish Date:JAN 01 2003
Sale Date:JAN 29 2003
Caption:Dust Jacket


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Collects X-Force (Vol 1) #116-129. Also includes additional artwork by Darwyn Cooke and Duncan Fegredo.

*Long persecuted for their genetic differences, some mutants are cashing in on their special gifts. Widely accepted by the general populace, the all-new, all-different X-Force stands in defense of the free world. . . but only if they get paid. A story about money, race, sexuality and America's obsession with celebrities -- disguised as a super hero comic. *Source: marvel.com

**Selling out for fame and fortune -- mutants turned media darlings!

They're definitely not the X-Men, living in secrecy, feared by society -- these mutants are the darlings of the entertainment world, idolized and admired by millions. With their superhuman powers and cutting-edge costumes, and an image crafted by the best marketing money can buy, the members of X-Force are in it for all the fame, sex and power they can get!

Of course, being part of the X-Force media machine has its downside: Most of the team's so-called "missions" are nothing more than carefully choreographed publicity stunts, intended to pump up corporate profits and sell more merchandise to the masses. Add in the fact that all too often a member or two doesn't make it home alive, and there's quite a downside to all this glory. But aren't a blurry morality and an abbreviated life span just a small price to pay for a shot at unlimited fame and fortune?

Presented in the guise of a traditional super-hero comic, X-Force is a savage satire of today's celebrity-obsessed culture -- where so-called "reality shows" dominate the TV landscape, and every facet of a star's private life is exposed in the tabloids. Both beloved and despised by critics, X-Force represents a bold, though-provoking look at how familiar comic-book mutants would fare if placed squarely in our own "real world." **Source: Dust Jacket


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