Black Knight (1955) 1-A

Comic Book by Atlas, May 01 1955
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Black Knight (1955) 1-A by Atlas
Black Knight (1955) 1-A by Atlas


Cover Price:$.10
Publish Date:MAY 01 1955
Content:CCA Approved

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"The Menace of Mordred the Evil!" featuring the Black Knight (F-868).
In the court of King Arthur are many knights of valor...Galahad, Gawain, and Lancelot to name a few. There are also those of black heart...Arthur's half-sister Morgan Le Fay and her son Mordred, who plot Arthur's downfall. Sir Percy of Scandia comes to court seeking asylum. A fop who is cousin to Mordred, Percy is secretly in league with Merlin to watch Arthur's back in secret, disguised as the Black Knight. 10 pages.
First appearances of Sir Percy of Scandia and Lady Rosamund.
Reprinted in Fantasy Masterpieces #11.

"Excaliber" (F-939). 2 pages, text with spot illustration.

No Title Given featuring the Crusader (F-907).
King Richard sends a fleet of ships to commence the Crusades, but one ship is lost at sea, ridden with the plague. It comes aground in the land of Moors bearing Sir John O'Dare. Weak with sickness, he and his men camp. Nearby, a band of Mongols watch. Their leader, Tenga Khan, wants to sweep in and kill the Crusaders, but he has with him the noble El Alemain, who refuses to allow the slaughter of defenseless men. El Alemain bears the Saracen Blade, with which he is invincible. Tenga Khan covets it, and tries taking it by treachery. El Alemain duels him to the death, protecting the Crusaders, and learns later that he is the lost brother of John O'Dare. Sir John, with his dying breath, bids El Alemain to take his armor and join King Richards crusade. 5 pages.
First appearance and origin of El Alemain, the Crusader.
Reprinted in Savage Tales (Vol 1) #2 in black & white.

"The Abduction of King Arthur!" featuring the Black Knight (F-900) (title taken from cover).
King Arthur has vanished overnight, kidnapped. Without missing a beat, Mordred claims control in Arthur's absence. Merlin peers into his all-seeing globe to reveal that it is Mordred himself who is guilty. Merlin bequeaths the mystic Ebony Blade to the Black Knight, who goes on to free Arthur. 8 pages.
Reprinted in Marvel Super-Heroes (Vol 2) #12.


Joe ManeelyArtist
Stan LeeEditor
Stan LeeWriter


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