Executive Assistant: Orchid 1-B

Comic Book by Aspen, Aug 01 2011
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Executive Assistant: Orchid 1-B by Aspen
Executive Assistant: Orchid 1-B by Aspen


Cover Price:$2.99
Publish Date:AUG 01 2011
Sale Date:JUL 13 2011
Caption:Eduardo Francisco Cover


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"Second Hand Kills"

*"The Hit List Agenda" sets its sights on Executive Assistant: Orchid!

Aspen's first ever intra-series summer event, "The Hit List Agenda" debuts right HERE in the pages of this exciting first issue! The blood trail of "The Hit List Agenda" leads to a small, poverty-stricken Colombian village in South America. A powerful drug cartel led by Ramos Cordova seeks to strengthen their grip of power and fear over their oppressed citizens. Executive Assistant: Orchid is up to the task as her master and his unruly son Umberto, use her element of surprise to settle an old debt with their rivals-definitively. But, when her orders send her north to Dallas, her mission may unwittingly engulf her into a conspiracy larger-and more dangerous-- than her 'capable' abilities can handle!

Aspen's first ever Summer-spanning event, "The Hit List Agenda" continues right here in the pages of EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT: ORCHID!
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