Betty and Me 67-A

Comic Book by Archie, Jul 01 1975
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Betty and Me 67-A by Archie
Betty and Me 67-A by Archie


Cover Price:$.25
Publish Date:JUL 01 1975
Content:CCA Approved


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"Notes to You"

Moose passes Betty a note that Archie intended for Veronica. Betty's excitement at receiving the note draws Ms. Grundy's attention, resulting in Archie and Betty receiving detention for passing notes. Not wanting to let Betty have time alone with Archie, Veronica arranges to get detention for the rest of the day, only to discover that Mr. Weatherbee has released Archie and Betty.

"Get the Message"

A one page comic featuring Li'l Jinx.

"Practice Session"

Betty gets Archie to help her put together a vaudeville act.

"In a Boo-Stew"

After Archie and Veronica are booed for poor performances at school sporting events, Betty writes an editorial chastising the other students for poor sportsmanship.

"Betty Puzzlers" - Puzzle page.

"All Fed Up"

Betty's not up to cooking the dinner she promised Archie, so he offers to take her out to eat at the restaurant of her choice. Unfortunately, he finds something wrong with each restaurant she suggests.


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