Cyberforce (2006) 0-B

Comic Book by Top Cow, Jun 01 2006
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Cyberforce (2006) 0-B by Top Cow
Cyberforce (2006) 0-B by Top Cow


Cover Price:$2.99
Publish Date:JUN 01 2006
Sale Date:JUL 20 2006
Caption: San Diego Comic-Con / Store Sketch Cover 1/750


Item Biography

*Cyberforce, once a group of like-minded heroes locked in a war for freedom and dignity against the forces of Cyberdata, has now defeated their enemy. Cyberdata, the corporation responsible for the genetic manipulation and enhancements of countless individuals including the members of Cyberforce, has enacted a failsafe mechanism, triggering their endgame. A doomsday virus designed to destroy the very genes that make the mutated individuals special has been unleashed upon the world, and they are dying one by one. Only four members of Cyberforce remain - Stryker, Cyblade, Velocity and Ripclaw, having themselves fallen victim to the virus. In a last ditch effort to save their kind, Ripclaw and Velocity have traveled to the icy wasteland one hundred miles south of Cape Horn, South Africa in a search for a cure. *Source: Cyberforce (Vol 3) #0


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