Marvel Monsters: Devil Dinosaur 1-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Dec 01 2005
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Marvel Monsters: Devil Dinosaur 1-A by Marvel
Marvel Monsters: Devil Dinosaur 1-A by Marvel


Cover Price:$3.99
Publish Date:DEC 01 2005
Sale Date:OCT 05 2005


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"The Battle That Time Forgot"
Two junior Celestials, Devron and Gamiel the Manipulator, watch the progress of early Earth civilizations. A valley which has been controlled by a brutal tribe, the Killer Folk, has recently been taken over by a meeker race, the Small Folk, with the help of Devil Dinosaur. Gamiel thinks this development is not a good one, and secretly moves to give the advantage back to the Killer Folk. He plucks the Hulk from the future and puts him in the service of the Killer Folk. This works until the Hulk sees the true nature of the players. By then, the junior Celestials actions have been detected by their seniors, who come to set things right. 22 pages.

"The Coming of the Hulk!"
Reprinted from Journey Into Mystery (Vol 1) #62.
A UFO crashes into the swamps outside a small town, and a local electrician stumbles upon the inert form of the Titan (originally named the Hulk), and scrambles to repair him. Xemnu comes to life, and the man learns, to his dismay, that Xemnu wields considerable mental powers, and was a prison escapee. 7 pages.

"Chapter Two: Slaves of the Hulk!"
Xemnu the Titan commences enslaving the Earth, and directing the construction of a spaceship that will enable him to return home and have his revenge. The electrician rigs the controls to short-circuit, trapping Xemnu in an endless orbit around the sun. 6 pages. Note: this character is not the alter ego of the Bruce Banner, but a character later known as Xemnu the Titan. 6 pages.


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