Fantastic Four (1961) 355-B

Comic Book by Marvel, Aug 01 1991
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Fantastic Four (1961) 355-B by Marvel
Fantastic Four (1961) 355-B by Marvel


Cover Price:$1.00
Publish Date:AUG 01 1991
Sale Date:DEC 01 1992
Caption:Sears Marvel Vintage Pack Edition
Content:CCA Approved


Item Biography


Ben heads back to Yancy Street to see his old home, but his trip down memory lane is cut short when the Wrecker shows up looking for his former partner. Ben engages the Wrecker in a devastating fight that leaves at least one person dead...

This second printing was 1 of 20 reprints of Marvel comics available from the 1992 Sears Wish Book Christmas Catalog. The set was sold for $15.99. This edition was almost identical to the original, except that the advertisements were replaced with modern products. It is easily identifiable by the 30th Anniversary Spider-Man logo in the UPC box and the X-Men trading cards ad on the back cover.

The complete set consisted of:
Captain America (1968) #384B
Daredevil (1964) #267B and 273B
Darkhawk #5B
Fantastic Four (1961) #351B and 355B
Iron Man (1968) #258
Marvel Milestone Edition: Incredible Hulk #1B
New Warriors (1990) #10B
Silver Surfer (1987) #32B and 33B
Sleepwalker #8B and 9B
Spectacular Spider-Man (1976) #145B and 156B
Uncanny X-Men #268B
Web of Spider-Man (1985) #81B and 83B
Wonder Man (1991) #2B
X-Men Classic #47B


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