WildStorm Ultimate Sports Official Program 1-A

Comic Book by Image, Aug 01 1997
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WildStorm Ultimate Sports Official Program 1-A by Image
WildStorm Ultimate Sports Official Program 1-A by Image


Cover Price:$2.50
Publish Date:AUG 01 1997
Sale Date:AUG 06 1997


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This issue features characters from the WildStorm universe participating in different extreme sports. Each page of art is accompanied by a short caption.

"Opening Ceremony" by Arnie Jorgensen & David Meikis
"Ice Racing: Grifter (WildC.A.T.s)" by Tom Raney
"Free Diving: Serge (Phantom Guard)" by Richard Johnson
"Short Track Inline Skating: Pilgrim (WetWorks)" by Bobby Rubio & Edwin Rosell
"Rugby Union: Comanche (StormWatch)" by Mike S. Miller
"Ramp Snowboarding: Ladytron (WildC.A.T.s)" by J. G. Jones
"Australian Football: Serge (Phantom Guard)" by Terry Dodson & Rachel Dodson
"Biathlon: Rose Tattoo (StormWatch)" by Jason Pearson
"Cave Diving: King Drakken (Vampire Nation)" by Casey Jones & Jason Martin
"Telemarking: Backlash (WildCORE)" by John K. Snyder III
"Wakeboarding: Battalion (StormWatch)" by Cully Hamner
"Indoor Football: WildC.A.T.s vs. Daemonites" by Chris Warner
"Grass Skiing: Voodoo (WildC.A.T.s)" by Jason Pearson
"Open-Ocean Swim: Fairchild (Gen13)" by Chris Sprouse & Terry Austin
"Street Skateboarding: Trance (Freaks)" by Rob Haynes
"Motocross: Zealot (WildC.A.T.s)" by Carlos D'Anda & Saleem Crawford
"Beach Volleyball: Fairchild (Gen13)" by Adam Hughes
"Waterjet Freestyle: Sheba (Savant Garde)" by Ryan Odagawa
"Footbag: Freefall & Taboo" by Matt Haley & Tom Simmons
"Downhill Skateboarding: Sublime (DV8)" by Michael Lopez
"Freestyle Bike: Crimson (Team Backlash)" by Terry Shoemaker
"Mountain Biking: Redbird (Black Ops)" by Jason Pearson
"Whitewater Rafting: Grifter (WildC.A.T.s)" by Casey Jones & Rob Haynes
"Closing Ceremony" by Dan Panosian


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