Fantastic Four (1961) 8-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Nov 01 1962
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Fantastic Four (1961) 8-A by Marvel
Fantastic Four (1961) 8-A by Marvel


Cover Price:$.12
Publish Date:NOV 01 1962
Content:CCA Approved


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"Prisoners of the Puppet Master!"
Part 2, "The Hands of the Puppet Maker"
Part 3, "The Lady and the Monster!"
Part 4, "Face-to-Face with the Puppet Master!"
Part 5, "Death of a Puppet!"

The Puppet Master is trying his powers for the first time on an innocent victim. When the Fantastic Four step in to rescue the man, the Puppet Master turns his wrath on them.

He captures the Thing and the Invisible Girl. Putting the Thing under his control and swapping his step-daughter, blind Alicia Masters for Sue, he sends them back after Reed and Johnny.

In the process, Alicia falls for Ben. The team stop the schemes put into motion by the Puppet Master. When Alicia hears of her step-father's plans for world domination, she tries to stop him, and in the struggle he plunges out a window to his apparent death.

First appearances of the Puppet Master and Alicia Masters.


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