All-Winners Comics (1941) 12-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Jun 01 1944
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All-Winners Comics (1941) 12-A by Marvel
All-Winners Comics (1941) 12-A by Marvel


Cover Price:$.10
Publish Date:JUN 01 1944

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"The Horror of the Ghost Fiend" featuring the Human Torch.
The Nazis shoot down a US diplomat's plane to capture a document which they alter and plan to circulate to discredit the US. Major Brant sends the Human Torch and Toro to recover the document. They must uncover Nazi super-spy, the Wisp, to prevent disaster. 12 pages.

"The Four Trials of Justice" featuring Captain America.
Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes take a trip to the country while off duty, and stumble on a resort that has been converted to an impromptu Nazi concentration camp, and find the Red Skull behind the deed. 12 pages.

"Ashes" 2 pages, text only.

"Smash the Tunnel of Terror!" featuring the Sub-Mariner.
Under-sea quakes disturb Namor, who investigates to find the Japanese has constructed an secret invasion tunnel to Australia. The Sub-Mariner smashes it, and no surface dwellers are the wiser. 12 pages.

"Urgent! Sentinels of Liberty!" a public service announcement from Captain America about recycling paper. 1 page.

"The Beachhead Blitz" featuring The Destroyer.
The Allies give the Destroyer secret plans for new offensive to courier to the French Underground. He leaves a deliberate trail, and is soon caught. The Nazis prepare themselves, unaware that the plan is hoax, designed to divert their attention to the real attack. 7 pages.
Reprinted in Marvel Super-Heroes (Vol 2) #12.


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