Penthouse Men's Adventure Comix 4-A

Magazine by Penthouse, Oct 01 1995
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Penthouse Men's Adventure Comix 4-A by Penthouse
Penthouse Men's Adventure Comix 4-A by Penthouse


Cover Price:$4.95
Publish Date:OCT 01 1995
Content:Adult Content


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"Miss Adventure, Episode 4:Mutant Cuffs"

All right, so our heros fight a bunch of Demon Ninjas and then a Cyborg Killer from the future appears to mindblast them all and they end up in mutant cuffs...but this's personal.

"Salem, Episode 2"Nobody Knows But Me"

The First Lady is haunted by the spirits of all those she murdered...who'd have figured.

"Slim & Nun, Episode 4: Mick the Quick"

Slim meets a lady Mountie and Joan has dinner with a gunslinger

"Hericane, Episode3: The Luckiest Guy in the World"

This is Tim Bowie. Tim is Emily's new boyfriend. How much woman can one man take, be afraid Tim, be very afraid. Oh and did we mention young Captain Adventure finds out about Emily's escapades and is "very" interested.

"La-X, Eisode 3: The Sex Files"

The truth is out no one.. oh, what's the point of looking for UFO's when all I can think about is Agent Elke's thighs.

"Action Figues, Episode 4: Bad Girls"

What you gonna do, What you gonna do, when they come for you. Blazing Fury is brought up on mass sexual harrassment charges and may well lose Action Figues Inc. for her follies.


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