Haunt of Fear (1950) 5-A

Comic Book by E.C., Jan 01 1951
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Haunt of Fear (1950) 5-A by E.C.
Haunt of Fear (1950) 5-A by E.C.


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Publish Date:JAN 01 1951
Content:ACMP Authorized


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"A Biting Finish!"
Bruno is on the run from the law, and hides in an old tunnel which he had discovered as a boy. His crime of murdering the rival for his girl's affections didn't stay secret long, as soon he must go on a killing spree to try to keep his freedom. Now, his freedom is close at hand, but the tunnel has partially collapsed, and he must dig his way out. He runs into the corpse of his rival, who has no intention of letting Bruno get away. 7 pages.

"Horror in the Freak Tent!"
A cruel carnival owner ruins the life and career of a Zolto the knife-thrower by blinding him in a fit of rage. The other workers in the Freak Show train Zolto to throw his knives without the aid of vision. They haven't told Zolto that he is practicing with the bound and gagged carnival owner as target practice. 7 pages.

1 pages, text only.

"A Tasty Morsel!"
A traveler is caught in a storm and seeks shelter in a run-down Inn. When the traveler drops off to sleep in a chair by the fire, he dreams that the Inn-keeper is a vampire, preying on his guests. He awakens, relieved that it was only a dream, but the reality is just as bad. He is bound to the chair, and the Inn-Keeper is bleeding him, as he prefers his meat bloodless. 7 pages.

"Seeds of Death!"
Basil is a bad-tempered farm-owner. It is no wonder that his wife Connie, whom he beats regularly, has fallen for Cliff the farm hand. Connie sends Cliff on an errand for gardenia seeds, but Basil meets him in the fields upon Cliff's return, and murders him. Basil later confronts Connie, and she defends herself, inadvertently killing him. Connie learns of Cliff's fate when gardenias bloom in the middle of the fields. 7 pages.

Reprinted in Haunt of Fear (RCP Vol 2) #5 in its entirety with the exception of the text-only story, "Skeleton".


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