Ghost Rider (1973) 24-B

Comic Book by Marvel, Jun 01 1977
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Ghost Rider (1973) 24-B by Marvel
Ghost Rider (1973) 24-B by Marvel


Cover Price:$.35
Publish Date:JUN 01 1977
Caption:35 Cent Price Cover
Content:CCA Approved


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"I, the Enforcer...!"

It's cliffhanger time for Johnny Blaze. Strapped to a stolen motorbike, and pushed over the edge by the Enforcer's goon, Blaze has to act fast. Fancy bike moves can't save the stuntman, only the Satanic power of the Ghost Rider can survice the crushing impact against the coastline rocks.

Ragged, with skeletal joints showing through shredded leather, the grim-skulled vision of vengeance summons a Hellfire cycle to trail his tormentors.

Roxanne Simpson meets a new man.

Safe in his mountain HQ, the Enforcer rages at the Water Wizard and the elderly professor who created the disintegrator ring, now worn belligerently by the metal-faced menace. On a paranoid whim, the Enforcer elects to kill the professor.

Like some unholy angel, the Ghost Rider enters the scene. The dishevelled demon causes panic among the assemblage, with the Water Wizard the first to cut and run.

Downing the Enforcer proves trickier than first thought, with the Wizard running interference too. Old-fashioned fisticuffs win the day.


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