Hellboy in Hell 2-B

Comic Book by Dark Horse, Jan 01 2013
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Hellboy in Hell 2-B by Dark Horse
Hellboy in Hell 2-B by Dark Horse


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Publish Date:JAN 01 2013
Sale Date:FEB 06 2013
Caption:(2nd Printing)


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Following the format of Dicken's "A Christmas Story", Hellboy is visited by a three spirits, who show him visions from his future, past, and present. In the first, he is taken to Pandemonium, the City of Satan's throne, now in ruin. All have fled from Hellboy's coming, save for Satan, who has slept for 2,000 years, unguarded and vulnerable. The spirit tempts Hellboy with a dagger, then the next spirit which wisks Hellboy to the spot in Hell where the lost souls are selected and forged into the great army which awaits Hellboy's destined call, to break down the walls that separate Hell and Earth. The last spirit takes Hellboy back in time to the October 1617, to the scene of his birth. His mother, the witch Sarah Hughes, is consumed in the process. Hellboy's father Azzael lops off Hellboy's right hand, where the Right Hand of Doom is then affixed. The spirits depart, leaving Hellboy in the company of Astaroth, Hellboy's uncle.

*In Pandemonium, the dead wait for Hellboy to claim his throne, but is he interested . . .?

Mike Mignola returns to draw Hellboy’s ongoing story for the first time since Conqueror Worm. It’s a story only Mignola could tell, as more of Hellboy’s secrets are revealed. *Source: darkhorse.com


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