Haunt of Fear (1950) 4-A

Comic Book by E.C., Nov 01 1950
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Haunt of Fear (1950) 4-A by E.C.
Haunt of Fear (1950) 4-A by E.C.


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Publish Date:NOV 01 1950


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"The Witch's Cauldron: The Hunchback!"
Roger Compton visits a small town, and finds that all fear and flee from the hunchback, branding him of being an evil ghoul. Roger is shocked when he finds that the hunchback is his old college roommate, Peter, and that Peter's hump is a Siamese twin who commits the atrocities. 7 pages.

1 page, text only.

"The Vault of Horror: The Tunnel of Terror!"
Linda has taken her brother Paul to Mexico to break his alcoholism, but he has gone missing, and there has been a death at the bizarre nightclub, The Tunnel of Terror. It seems that something has been eating the patrons, and Linda fears for her brother's life. 7 pages.

"The Living Mummy"
The tension is high at the lab where a professor is trying to re-animate a mummy. They have met with failure, and two of the assistants are bickering over a girl. One of the assistants tinkers after hours with his own theories, and unwittingly succeeds, bringing life to the mummy, but nothing but death to the others. 6 pages.

"The Crypt of Terror: Man From the Grave!"
An artist for horror magazines has a hard time selling his work, until a potential job comes his way. He will need supplies to get the job, and his attempts to get them lead to murder and a curse on his head. Now, he cannot stop painting. He dies of exhaustion, and, even then, the grave cannot hold him. He rises from the grave, victim of the curse. 7 pages.

Reprinted in Haunt of Fear (RCP Vol 2) #4 in its entirety.

As of this issue, the three characters, the Old Witch, the Crypt-Keeper, and the Vault-Keeper act as host narrators to the stories, each with their own feature (the Old Witch hosts two).


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