Spidey Super Stories 5-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Feb 01 1975
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Spidey Super Stories 5-A by Marvel
Spidey Super Stories 5-A by Marvel


Cover Price:$.35
Publish Date:FEB 01 1975
Content:CCA Approved

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Item Biography

"A View of the Vulture"

A brief description of how the Vulture's costume is constructed.

"The Wings and the Web-Slinger, Part 1"

Peter Parker comes up with a plan to stop the Vulture's one-man crime spree.

"Crank's Cry for Help!" featuring Fargo North, Decoder

Fargo North helps Spidey decipher a mixed up note.

"The Wings and the Web-Slinger, Part 1"

The police and J. Jonah Jameson put Peter Parker's plan to capture the Vulture into action.

"Spidey fights Dr. Fright"

While on his way to skate in the Ice Jollies, Spider-Man encounters Dr. Fright's latest victims. Can Spidey stop Dr. Fright without falling victim to his frightful face?

This story is based on an Electric Company script written by Tom Whedon

"The Shocker!, Part 1: Kathy's Contest"

While Kathy from the Electric Company prepares to perform in a music contest, the Shocker plots to steal the gold cup intended for the contest's winner.

"Crank's Cry for Help"

Now that Fargo's deciphered the note, Spidey answers the writer's call for help.

"The Shocker!, Part 2: Rock Around the Shocker!"

Spider-Man must stop the Shocker from stealing the music contest's gold cup.

"The Secret of the Spider-Sense"

A brief description of Spidey's "spider sense."


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