Daredevil (1941) 3-A

Comic Book by Lev Gleason Productions, Sep 01 1941
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Daredevil (1941) 3-A by Lev Gleason Productions
Daredevil (1941) 3-A by Lev Gleason Productions


Cover Price:$.10
Publish Date:SEP 01 1941

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"The Case of the Killer Who Hated Death" Daredevil slams his boomerang into the strange case of the hypnotic butler and rescues from certain death, a breathtaking beauty. (13 pages)

"The Suicide Circle"
When the awesome Nightro found death without a clue or trace, he plunged to the center of a fiendish insurance racket. (5 pages)

The nemesis number of all times rears its ugly head and casts a shadow of stark tragedy over the life of Harold Higgins. (5 pages)

"The Battle of the Centuries"
The Claw hatches a new diabolic scheme and brings into action the greatest battle of all time. (7 pages)

"London Can Take It"
He's the world's most dashing under-cover agent. Operating with untold shrewdness, secretly cuts the enemy's communication line to prevent a deadly invasion. (7 pages)

Pat Patriot needs all her wit and courage to stamp out a flu epidemic. (6 pages)

"I Saw Daredevil Battle the Claw"
An astounding text story by Dick Wood, who saw and lived to tell of the Claw's destructive attack on New York City. (3 pages)

Bronze Terror again rides the night to save his beloved people. The crooked bosses on the reservation get a stiff lesson from the champion of justice for an oppressed people. (6 pages)

The fight of the century between Whirlwind and "Gargon the Gruesome" (7 pages)

Dash Dillon: Life at Hale University gets mighty interesting. Racketeers wanted sure bets on the Hale football game. (4 pages)


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