Masters of the Universe Classics He-Man (New Adventures) Loose

Action Figure by Mattel, Jan 01 2013
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Masters of the Universe Classics He-Man (New Adventures) Loose by Mattel
Masters of the Universe Classics He-Man (New Adventures) Loose by Mattel


Cover Price:$.00
Publish Date:JAN 01 2013
Sale Date:JUL 15 2013
Caption:He-Man (New Adventures) Loose
Content:Adult Collector


Item Biography

*He-Man® is such a poser… and that’s a good thing, because his ball jointed wrists allow this figure to finally assume the iconic “I Have the Power™” pose, sword held high! With totally awesome ‘80s style, this Galactic Protector features a ponytail and bright neon as he travels through space. This fully articulated figure has it all, including a swappable helmeted and non-helmeted head, full chest armor and power harness for mix and match looks, and power sword and shield!

He-Man® Bio
Real Name: Adam of the House of Randor™

Following the Second Ultimate Battleground, a victorious Skeletor® abandoned Eternia® after learning of the might of the Horde Empire. Eager to stop his old nemesis, He-Man® quickly joined forces with the Galactic Protectors who had arrived through a Laser Gate to seek his aid. Combining his power with that of Starship Eternia®, Adam forsook his alternate identity, becoming He-Man® permanently. With the triple strength of the Power of the Universe, the Elder’s Wisdom to tap into hidden magic and now the Energy of Starship Eternia®; the Most Powerful Man in the Universe® is ready to travel through space to capture Skeletor® and bring him to justice! *Source:


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