Star Wars: Unleashed Asajj Ventress

Action Figure by Hasbro, Jan 01 2005
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Star Wars: Unleashed Asajj Ventress by Hasbro
Star Wars: Unleashed Asajj Ventress by Hasbro


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Publish Date:JAN 01 2005
Caption:Asajj Ventress


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*Powerful and meticulously designed, this artist-interpreted sculpture captures one of the most compelling Star Wars characters in her most raw and electrifying moment. Asajj Ventress’ innermost emotions and essence are frozen in time with amazing artistry and detail.

Asajj Ventress is a deadly and tragic disciple of the dark side. She has the talent to be a powerful Jedi, but violence and loss have filled her with hatred. As a child, she watched her parents die at the hands of a brutal warlord. A kind Jedi, stranded on her planet, took her in and began teaching her the ways of the Force, but he was murdered before he could finish her training. Alone again, Asajj clawed her way to a powerful position and was discovered by Count Dooku. She joined his cause and is one of the military masterminds for the Separatist forces.

Unique sculpture of Sith villain Asajj Ventress captures all the drama and excitement of the thrilling galactic saga! *Source:


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