Sensation Comics (1942) 10-A

Comic Book by DC, Oct 01 1942
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Sensation Comics (1942) 10-A by DC
Sensation Comics (1942) 10-A by DC


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Publish Date:OCT 01 1942



Item Biography

Wonder Woman in "The Danger of Dolly Dancer"
Written by Charles Moulton, penciled & inked by H.G. Peter.
Reprinted in Wonder Woman Archives #1.
*Even an Amazon Princess must be human when another woman threatens the happiness of the man she loves. *Source: Title Page.
13 pages.

Black Pirate in "To Save the King of France"
Written by Gardner Fox, penciled & inked by Sheldon Moldoff.
*Ever greedy for power and gold, Philip II of Spain considered to stop Henry IV of Navarre from ascending the throne of France! Only the fighting hearts and quick wits of the famed Black Pirate and his son, Justin, thwarted a villainous plot which, if successful, would have plunged a peaceful world into a bath of blood... *Source: Title Page
8 pages.

Mr. Terrific in "The Indianapolis Speed Race Killer"
Written by Charles Reizenstein, penciled & inked by Chuck Winter (signed as Hal Sharp).
*Terry Sloane, the former boy-wonder, is now a young man -- a very bored young man. For diversion he enters a car in the Indianapolis speed race, but his boredom doesn't vanish until he smells dirty work -- and then he assumes the identity of Mr. Terrific -- and whammo!! *Source: Title Page
7 pages.

O'Malley of the Fourth Precinct in "The Case of the Imported Nuts"
Written, penciled & inked by Irwin Hasen.
*In which Long John O'Malley, the five foot flatfoot, clears up a production bottleneck at the Colecut Tank Arsenal, and finds himself involved with super gangsters! *Source: Title Page.
5 pages.

Gay Ghost in "The Submarine Subterfuge"
Written by Gardner Fox, penciled & inked by Howard Purcell.
9 pages.

Hal Mason in "Murder in a Blackout, Part 1"
Written by Evelyn Gaines.
A text story that includes no illustration.
2 pages.

Little Boy Blue in "Pellagra's Alibi"
Written by Bill Finger, penciled & inked by Paul Gattuso.
6 pages.

Wildcat in "The Story of Caveman"
Written, penciled & inked by Irwin Hasen.
10 pages.

Cover art by Harry G. Peter.


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