Tick (1988) 2-A

Comic Book by New England Comics Press (NEC / NECP), Jun 01 1988
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Tick (1988) 2-A by New England Comics Press (NEC / NECP)
Tick (1988) 2-A by New England Comics Press (NEC / NECP)


Cover Price:$1.50
Publish Date:JUN 01 1988
Caption:Special Edition 1/3000

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"High Rise Hijinx"

Special edition with a print run of 3,000. Each issue was stamped with a serial number on the top right corner inside of the cover.

*The Tick first appeared in the two serially numbered special editions. These comics were sold direct to fans and never distributed through "standard" channels. These super-rare (and valuable!) comics have been reprinted in their entirety in The Tick Reprise Special Edition #1 & 2 (April & July 1996.) [sic] The Reprise issues have the extra outer covers.

The first two issues of The Tick introduce The Tick and tell the story of his meeting-and battle-with The Caped Wonder (aka Clark Oppenheimer), the original super-hero protector of The City! At 31 pages, the story in The Tick #2 remains the longest single Tick tale. This issue also introduces the "Ignore This Van" vehicles which may be apparent in recent issues of Tick Big Blue Destiny. *Source: The Tick: A Comic Book History, The Tick The Luny Bin Trilogy #0


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