Marvel Family 30-A

Comic Book by Fawcett, Dec 01 1948
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Marvel Family 30-A by Fawcett
Marvel Family 30-A by Fawcett


Cover Price:$.10
Publish Date:DEC 01 1948


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The Marvel Family in "The World's Greatest Magician"
Penciled & inked by Kurt Schaffenberger.
9 pages.

Boxcar Benny "Looks Ahead"
.5 pages.

Lazy Lee in "Serious"
.5 pages.

Mary Marvel in "The Bewitched Book"
Written by Otto Binder, penciled & inked by Jack Binder.
6 pages.

"I'm the U in the U.S.A."
Lyrics to a song.
Written by Mel Gold, penciled & inked by C.C. Beck.
1 page.

Lazy Lee in "Necessity"
.5 pages.

Boxcar Benny in "A Drip"
.5 pages.

Captain Marvel, Jr. in "Captain Marvel, Jr. Proves the Best Things in Life are Free"
Written by Otto Binder, penciled & inked by Joe Certa.
7 pages.

Headline Harry in "Hockey Hijinks"
Written, penciled & inked by Howard Boughner.
4 pages.

A text story "South American Imagination"
Written by Larry Steinfeldt.
2 pages.

Captain Marvel in "The Curse of the Golden Touch"
Written by Otto Binder, penciled by C.C. Beck, inked by Pete Costanza.
8 pages.

Cover art by Kurt Schaffenberger.


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