Emily the Strange (2007) 1-A

Comic Book by Dark Horse, Aug 01 2007
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Emily the Strange (2007) 1-A by Dark Horse
Emily the Strange (2007) 1-A by Dark Horse


Cover Price:$3.50
Publish Date:AUG 01 2007
Sale Date:AUG 29 2007


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"Nine Deaths"

This would be in regards to Emily's cats, ranging from Catnip over-dose to Smooshed by a steam roller.

"Life of Death"

Emily's newly constructed evil-twin "kills" her.

"Dead-Cat walk'in,Part One"

The next door neighbors cat has just become road pizza. Emilys attempt at re-animation is less than sucessful at best.

"Emily's 13 favorite ways to die"

The gamit from spontaneous combustion to being stomped on by Godzilla.

This issue also includes the newspaper, The End Times from September 13, 2007 printed as the last two pages.

"Death Issue"

*. . . and in the end, everybody DIES! Actually, not just in the end-they also die in the beginning and in the middle, and in all the pages in between. This is the Death issue, after all, and this is Emily the Strange we're talking about-the black-haired girl from the underground who's taking the world by storm. Emily isn't afraid of much, and this is the issue where she proves that by going face-to-face with death itself. Now she's dying to tell you all about it.

Emily returns and she's going face-to-face with death itself!
*Source: darkhorse.com


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