Sleeper 1-A

Graphic Novel / Trade by WildStorm, Jan 01 2003
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Sleeper 1-A by WildStorm
Sleeper 1-A by WildStorm


Cover Price:$17.95
Publish Date:JAN 01 2003
Sale Date:DEC 17 2003
Caption:Out in the Cold
Content:Mature Readers


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Collects Sleeper #1-6.

*Secret Agent Holden Carver is a man on a mission--only nobody left alive seems to know it.

Holden Carver is part of a world-spanning secret organization headed by Tao, super-manipulator and ruthless criminal mastermind. He is also a sleeper agent, forced into a world of evil and treachery by master spy John Lynch, who now lies in an irreversible coma, the only living soul able to bear witness that Carver is actually one of the good guys. Now, ensnared in an ongoing game of cat and mouse, every day is a challenge for Holden to evade detection by those who think he is an ally, avoid capture from those who believe he is a traitor, and somehow survive with his soul intact.

What's a spy to do when no knows he's been left out in the cold? *Source: Back Cover


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